Requestor Support

Refer all calls regarding medical report requests to our customer support team. We set up your network of referring attorneys.

We set up your network of referring attorneys. We provide a client portal for every referring physician, attorney and claims adjuster.

Service Options

We serve your referring clients in your prefer method of service —eFax, Digital and Paper.

Our processes will ensure compliance with the law, providing you with a declaration under penalty of perjury, meeting legal procedure requirements.

Secure Delivery

Unlike faxing or emailing, we use high-grade SSL data encryption at transfer and 256-bit AES at rest.

Track the status of your files: who has download it, how many times the file has been downloaded, and when it was downloaded.


Simply Upload

Once your report is ready, you simply upload —As easy as Drag and Drop. We will serve every party listed on your proof of service, and we verify on EAMS for parties involved.

Our Network

Our unique technology and services allow us to work in close collaboration with medical providers. We leverage the power of the internet by serving electronically within our network, saving everyone time and money.

File Tracking

From your cloud account, you will track and manage every report served. Verify when, date, time and who is downloading your files. Print Proof of Service, if necessary. Share files and send email reminders by a click of a button.

Proof Of Service

Process Fees

Our fees include a Proof of Service for all e-served, e-faxed and mailed documents. Postage, toner, paper, staples, envelopes, equipment maintenance-depreciation, clerical time for folding, stuffing and giving the documents to the USPS for delivery, are also included.

Copies By US Mail

Your cost of postage is only 99 Ninety Nine Cents for up to six double—sided printed—US mailed pages (twelve duplex), and ten cents for every double—sided printed page after that, no matter how many pages.

Cut-Off Time

All documents uploaded before 3:00 PM PST will be mailed the same business day. Files uploaded after our cut-off time will be e-served or e-faxed the same day and mailed the next business day.