Medical Providers Frequently Asked Questions

Outsourcing to Records Source assures maximum revenue is derived from the release of the health information in your control. Records Source concept begins by acknowledging that the ROI industry is ready for the next generation solution that meets needs at all levels —compliance, security, and revenue generation.

Records Source is a Release of Medical Information company, that empowers medical providers to streamline their records exchange workflows with a secure and compliant software solution.

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Records Source enables medical providers to expedite, track, audit, securely deliver protected health information, and get pay for their time spent in making records available.

You may cancel our release of information services at any time. We do not hold our clients to any term-based contracts. We simply believe that if we are doing and exceptional job, you will have no desire to cancel our services.

Our release of information services are at no cost to your practice.

Our partnership method helps you to cut back on your work load, while still retaining control of your medical records department.

It's our policy to request from any party seeking Medical, Billing, and X-Rays records an initial processing fee of $15.00. This fee must be payable to Records Source at the time of service.

No problem. We can schedule an agent to stop by your office on a daily or weekly basis to scan requested charts. Records Source will continue to bill for your time in making records available. Payments for records are send directly to your office, by the requesting party.

Records Source will schedule an agent to stop by your office on a daily or weekly basis. Our HIPAA certified agents job is to retrieve, image pending records requests and pick up any correspondence.

When a third party requester tries to serve you a request for records, refer them to Records Source. Provide our "Notice to Copy Services" form, and instruct them to contact your Release of Information service.