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All requests are subject to fifteen business days turnaround. We'll keep you posted on any further updates by fax and email.

Our customer service department is available Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. We closed for lunch from 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM.

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Frequently Ask Questions
  • Your request needs to be serve to Records Source —with an initial processing fee of $15.00. This fee must be payable to Records Source. Without this initial fee, your request for records will not be processed.
  • Our doctors provide treatment to patients at different medical facilities. Treating doctor's name and address must be included in your request. Your request must be directed to the medical facility —Records Source is not a treating medical facility.
  • We required individual requests for Medical, Billing and X-Rays records —as each file item is retrieved and processed separately.

There is no need to spend the time, money on gas, or postage fees to serve us your request for records. E-serve us, it's faster, easier and convenient. An Affidavit of Electronic Service is available for download as soon as you served and paid for your request. If you are not a registered user, please Sign Up today. You can also serve us by mail, please visit our Contact Us page for more information and details.

All requests are subject to fifteen (15) business days turnaround. However, some will be completed sooner, depending on the file situation. Please call us after this time frame, if your request has not been completed. You can always check the status of your request from our Online Status Portal, all you need is your unique Reference Number and the patient's Date of Birth.

As soon as your request is complete, we will send you an email notification. You can download files as many times as you need for only five days, from the notification notice. After this time frame, your file is no longer available. If for whatever reason we re-upload a file, we will charge you an upload fee.


  • UP TO 25 PAGES
  • 49 CENTS
  • UP TO 25 PAGES
  • 49 CENTS
  • UP TO 12 PAGES
  • 99 CENTS


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